Tips for Buying Percussion Instruments Online


Do you have a passion for musical instruments? Millions of people around the world love to play musical instruments; statistics show that more than eighteen million Americans can play a musical instrument. Drums are among the most popular, close after guitars, keyboard and piano.

If you are looking to buy musical instruments, you can go from one store to another, or you can choose the easiest option: purchasing online. The Internet era has changed the way we shop and more and more people choose online buying options. Buying online can be time and money saving. Percussion enthusiasts can access online stores from all over the world that sell various instruments and accessories, accept online orders and different payment options and offer quality products and warranties.

In addition to online stores, those interested in buying percussion instruments online also have the opportunity to opt for second hand instruments, sold by private users.

In both cases, it is useful to know some tips that will make it easier for you to buy a percussion instrument even if you cannot see it or touch it directly.

Some things to consider before purchasing an instrument

First, you have to take into account the age of the player. If we are talking about a child, you should opt for percussion instruments for beginners, adapted to the particularities of their age. The personality and character of the player are also important factors, just as the type of music they want to play. Percussion instruments represent a general category that includes a wide range of instruments (many types of drums, including traditional instruments from different parts of the world, ganza, maracas, chimes etc.)

The cost of the percussion instruments and the amount of money you are willing to spend are also details to think about. Spend some time looking for deals. Do not buy the first instrument that you consider good for you; take your time, do some research, subscribe to offers and newsletters from different competing online stores and look for special offers such as discounts, free transportation etc. Some instruments may also have accessories included in the price.

How to evaluate an instrument

When you buy a percussion instrument online, one of the most important parts of the process is to know how to evaluate the instrument and identify potential structural weaknesses.

Look closely at the pictures of the instruments and ask the seller to provide you with more, if you notice that some areas are not covered. Also ask for quality audio samples, to determine whether the sound of the percussion instrument is as it should be.

If it is a second hand instrument, you should also get its story. Vintage percussion instruments have lived a life of their own and it would be nice to know more about it. Even if it is not a famous instrument, it is still important to know details about how it was used (mostly at-home, for gigging etc.).

Check the return policy

Returns are very common and they should be discussed before the transaction. Make sure the shop or the private seller has a return policy.



Take Time Off with Painting with a Twist: Rowlett Events for Art Enthusiasts

If you’ve already heard about it, and you like the idea of Painting with a Twist, Rowlett events organized at the franchise’s local studio will definitely seem like a fun prospect for spending a night away from work and home.

Whether you’re a mother who needs a few nights a week to unwind, or you have a job that keeps you busy all day, it’s important to take the time for some relaxation. If you also like art, then Painting with a Twist events are definitely a step in the right direction.

Why Should You Consider Painting with a Twist?

When the franchise first opened Painting with a Twist, Rowlett residents in the local community were mainly intrigued and interested about this new concept. However, when they saw just how fun it is, they couldn’t help but realize that this wasn’t just a common “club meeting.”

At Painting with a Twist Rowlett events you actually get a chance to learn from accomplished artists. You can polish your skills while enjoying the best drinks in town. It’s more than just an artistic experience, since you get to talk to dozens of people as well, and you can even take the opportunity to mingle and use your people skills to improve your networking results.

But Painting with a Twist is really more of a relaxing pastime. So are you stressed out or feeling depressed? If so, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to forget about life’s sorrows and just start painting to your heart’s content.

Finally, a great reason to join in on the fun at Painting with a Twist local events is that you can easily find a new friend. In fact, you’ll be part of a supportive community whose members will never let you feel lonely or abandoned again.

All Drinks and Painting Supplies Are Provided

One great thing about Painting with a Twist is that all you need to bring with you is yourself, the money to pay for the small fee that’s required and, of course, a cheerful disposition. All drinks will already be there waiting for you, and the painting supplies are provided as well. There are several different sizes for the canvas you can choose.

Also, the acrylic paint used for each event is of superior quality, so you can do a lot with it especially if you’re an accomplished artist. So don’t be afraid to let go and express your deepest emotions through your paintings, and have them stand out through their originality.

Just Relax and Enjoy

Painting with a Twist events will give you the chance to just relax and have a good time after a stressful day at home or at work. If you have a large family, and you always have to try to fix everyone’s problems, don’t be afraid to take the evening off and head down to the local Rowlett Painting with a Twist location every once in a while.

Even if you don’t necessarily like to paint so much, you’ll find that the evening will bring you many unexpected joys, and may even allow you to interact with people of like mind.

Denver Video Production – Hiring A Professional Vs. Doing It Yourself

A professional video is expensive, there is no doubt about that, and you have two choices: paying a good Denver video production company or attempting a DIY project, using the various video tools available today and saving some money.

Before choosing the option that suits you best, make sure that you carefully weigh all the important aspects involved in the process:

  • The script

A script contains the idea of a video project, so you must target your audience, be able to properly explain your concept and describe what you are offering, using storytelling and other efficient communication techniques for a creative script.

  • Transforming the idea into reality

You can bring your idea to life via the storyboard, which consists in taking shots that will be used to create the final product. Once again, creativity is the word: you need to know and use various tools in order to be able to properly explain different concepts.

  • Going digital

During this stage, you must choose the proper fonts & colors, as well as other graphics able to complete the video idea and add dynamism to the project.

  • Recording and adding the audio

Audio resources consist of voice-overs or background tracks and they are essential to enhance the video’s message.

Besides all the creativity required in every stage of the process, it is obvious that some of these steps are very technical, requiring special skills and expertise. You also need royalty free music, graphics etc., and this can cost you a lot in terms of searching time. So, the question is: are you sure that you can do all these by yourself?

Let’s see the pros and cons of a DIY video project.


  • You can save money by doing everything yourself
  • You can test your skills and marketing approach
  • You can always re-use the animations


  • The creation of a professional video always requires a lot of time and effort
  • You need great communication skills and creativity in order to be able to visually explain your business to the public and transmit the right message
  • You need technical knowledge to use the necessary tools for video making

Now, let’s have a look at are the pros and cons of hiring a Denver video production company.


  • All you need is the idea. You don’t need to worry about the technical part or about being able to transmit the right message; video professionals have the creativity, the expertise and the right equipment to do the job for you
  • Your video will be created from scratch to finish and you will also receive advice and solutions that you haven’t thought about. This may bring a new and unexpectedly good perspective to your project.


  • There will be more expenses involved than in the case of a DIY project, so make sure to check your budget and be realistic about how much you can spend.
  • You will have less control, at least when it comes to the technical stages of the project.

As you can see, the DIY approach can be a good option only if you have the right skills, tools and experience in this line of work. While hiring a professional company may be more expensive, it is certainly the best solution that will guarantee a quality end product.




Hiring Corporate Event DJ’s – Making Sure the Entertainment Is Just as Professional as the Rest of the Event

Organizing a corporate event is a difficult and tricky affair, especially if the participants are high-profile managers or business partners – everything must be perfect, the food and the service at the venue just as much as the music. Fortunately, the music is a really easy part to organize: corporate event DJ’s know exactly how to entertain their crowd and they will provide the professional services that you are looking for – here are the most important advantages of hiring a disc jockey who specializes in corporate events.

Cost-Effective Professionalism

Corporate event DJ’s are artists who will create a unique, dynamic and memorable closure for the event you are organizing without charging exorbitant prices. DJ’s usually play alone, using pre-recorded tracks, which means that they are much cheaper than live bands. DJ’s can also play much longer than live bands – some DJ’s can be hired to play all day, not only during the evening and they can do so without repeating themselves.

With a DJ you can also be sure that the music played will be of the right quality. Most DJ’s use their own equipment, including speakers, subwoofers, turntables, controllers, even lighting equipment, so they can guarantee that the quality of the tunes will be impeccable from any point and any angle of the party venue.

Variety and Dynamics

A good corporate event DJ can be trusted not only to read the crowd, but also to provide the right music for the mood that your guests are in or to set the mood, if necessary. If your corporate event is an evening reception, chances are that the participants are tired after the day’s workshops, meetings or other activities, so they can hardly wait to relax and have some fun. With the right songs played at the right time, you can tune your guests for a great, memorable evening.

Music Played without Stops

You might not realize it, but smooth transitions and the succession of the songs without gaps is just as important as the tunes played. Amateur DJ’s might have problems moving from one track to the other or from one playlist to the next, but you will never encounter this problem with professional Denver DJ services.

Get a Master of Ceremony as well

Many DJ’s provide hosting services as well, so you can hire yours not only to play music during the event, but also to announce rock and roll blocks or a set of romantic tunes and have short, funny speeches to set the mood for the evening. Professional DJ’s are also able to handle and integrate individual music requests without stopping the dancing on the floor and they can also be hired to make all the important announcements to your guests.

As you see, hiring a professional DJ for your corporate event is essential for the success of the event and it can relieve you from a lot of stress. Fortunately, there are lots of excellent DJ’s out there and most of them have websites where they present their services and their experience, so finding one should not be a problem.

The Pros And The Cons Of Hiring Live Wedding Bands

Live bands can be great partners for wedding entertainment. Whether we are talking about receptions or parties, these events cannot be successful without adequate music.

Professional musicians like a Denver string quartet, who play live can deliver fantastic performances that will enhance the overall quality of the event, providing the wow-effect and making it unforgettable for everyone. You can find many types of live musicians and bands, for all kind or parties, with great repertories able to satisfy various musical tastes. And music is not the only thing; live musicians also entertain the guest better than anything else, adding a particular dynamic to your event. With a good band, you can relax knowing that everything goes just perfect, the dance floor is busy and everyone is having a great time.

The benefits of hiring live wedding bands

  • You can find live musicians that will play any music that you want. Of course, not all of them are equally flexible, but there are so many live bands out there that it is almost impossible not to find one able to match your preferences
  • Your wedding party will be interactive, your guests will feel that they are indeed a part of the celebration; professional musicians are experienced with all kind of audiences and know to “read” the guests` mood and play accordingly, providing an overall great musical experience including singing, listening, dancing and enjoying the atmosphere
  • Live musicians can follow you anywhere you want them to perform: in restaurants and other facilities, as well as in nature; all these details are discussed and agreed on by signing a contract before the celebration goes unbound
  • Live bands will deliver exciting and clear performances, playing their versions of the original songs. This means that they can also customize some of the songs to fit the occasion and the particularities of certain moments o
  • Live bands can make themselves affordable for different budgets. Hiring live music is more expensive than hiring a DJ, but it is still pretty much affordable, considering that there are many musicians out there, ready to negotiate and make you offers able to meet your budget.

The disadvantages of hiring live wedding bands

  • Some live bands, especially if they are renowned, offer a particular stage presence, command attention, and the guests will rather watch them and sing with them than dance on the music. But this is not a rule and it rather depends on circumstantial factors
  • Typically the contract signed by live bands includes playing a number of songs that fill only a part of the time for which they are hired. The rest of the time is for breaks that must be filled with background music
  • Live bands have limited options to control the volume of their music. It can be done, but not as easy and efficiently as in the case of a DJ, so the music volume level may constitute a concern
  • Live bands have limited repertoires compared with DJs, who can play hundreds of  songs


Consider the above advantages and disadvantages before deciding on live wedding music.

Helpful Tips And Tricks When Buying Used Musical Instruments

With musical gear, there is the common practice that you never possess it forever – you either exchange it for something better, should the chance arise, or sell it in order to pay your bills (worst case scenario).

This is why people looking around can easily find some good deals on used musical instruments for sale, be it online, through various sites specializing in online shopping, or through specific stores which sell it.  Ask if you can see it prior to buying it.

Information is key when buying used musical gear
You may be interested in doing a quick purchase of a used violin, for example, especially if the product in question seems like an out-of-this-world deal. There is nothing more painful, however, than to be scammed of your money, which is why it is important that before making the purchase you are fully informed of the characteristics of the items you want to buy as well as the price range in which the used product is usually found.

If you have found an instrument which has a far better deal than similar products on the market, something might off and you would better make additional inquiries in relation to the item, to avoid unwanted hassle and possible disappointment.
Always be prepared with a specific idea on what you want to buy – search the internet, ask your musician friends, find a range of products in which you may be interested. Never let the markets dictate your desires; instead make your own demands to them, which should accommodate your request.

Safety is your number one priority
Since the internet nowadays has become the easiest way to shop for used musical instruments, people prefer this option to the constant searching and time-consuming shopping in a musical instrument store. Unlike the latter option, internet hides the identity of the seller, which is why you must be prepared at all times for the unknown. Always remember to tell your friends if you are meeting someone you have met on the internet or even better, bring a friend with you.

Increase your chances of grabbing a good deal by visiting pawn shops or chain stores
Never let the chance to pick a great instrument slip by due to insufficient research. Although you may have never thought of it, pawn shops and chain stores specializing in new and used musical instruments often provide a great deal of choices, which is why you should not waste this great opportunity. Should you be lucky, you will get a great item at a good price. In case of chain stores, you may even talk to the store representative to get you in contact with their partners that might possesses the instrument you desire.

Try the merchandise before buying, if possible
With musical instruments, it is important that you play the instrument prior purchasing, in order to discover its condition and functionality. Do not make a decision to buy or not to buy on the spot, but only after testing the item in person, at different volume levels, to hear the true voice of the instrument and find out whether it “speaks” to you on a more personal level or not.

What To Look For When Intending To Purchase Used Drum Sets

Buying a drum is a big step for someone intending on entering the land of music. You need to take into account the fact that the price may not always be directly proportionate to your budget and you may not be able to afford a brand new set.

This is why it may be helpful to you to consider buying used drum sets, after taking into account aspects in relation to the various parts of the drums, such as:
•    the condition of the shell and of the hardware,
•    the general appearance of the gear,
•    any changes made by the owner in the original instrument, such as holes or additional pieces to the already established set;
•    Whether the drum set has some missing parts which may be expensive to buy from somewhere else;
•    The actual price of the gear and whether it is worth refurbishing or not.

A drum made of a good wood can make the difference between a good deal and a flop
A good wood for drum making is maple, as it brings out a warm and nicer tone from the instrument. Falkata, mahogany or birch are various alternatives to maple and they produce different sounds, depending on your preference. For example, birch produces a clear and strong sound, which is why it is preferred in recording studios. Mahogany produces a vintage sound, warm and with an amplified low end. For those who cannot afford drums made of this wood, there are also cheaper alternatives, in the form of poplar or basswood.

Remember that if you are looking to resell your equipment in a few years it is more recommended to buy new or used drums sets which have in their composition high quality wood – that way you can be sure that the resale value for the product will not decrease exponentially a couple of years later.

The shell and the hardware must be in an acceptable condition
The first thing you should look at while purchasing a drum set is the state of the shell and of the hardware. For the shell, look at the heads and rims to be in place and not too tight, otherwise you may be looking at the drum, but not use it. For the hardware, avoid buying pitted one, with little holes in the metal, as they are difficult to remove and the cost will most probably exceed what you intended for this gear in the first place. Make sure that you inspect the drums thoroughly from this point of view – if you discover extra holes in the shells, make sure to ask for a lower price, as this aspect decreases the value of the gear.

On this note, think carefully whether the price asked for the drums is worth paying for or whether the rewrapping of the musical instrument will cost far more than a brand new one. Do not let yourself be deceived by a unusual small price – the drums in question may have changes from their original condition or they may even have missing parts, which is why it is important to take your time in coming to a decision – if you decide not to purchase, there is no worry: the best drums for you are out there, waiting.