Denver Video Production – Hiring A Professional Vs. Doing It Yourself

A professional video is expensive, there is no doubt about that, and you have two choices: paying a good Denver video production company or attempting a DIY project, using the various video tools available today and saving some money.

Before choosing the option that suits you best, make sure that you carefully weigh all the important aspects involved in the process:

  • The script

A script contains the idea of a video project, so you must target your audience, be able to properly explain your concept and describe what you are offering, using storytelling and other efficient communication techniques for a creative script.

  • Transforming the idea into reality

You can bring your idea to life via the storyboard, which consists in taking shots that will be used to create the final product. Once again, creativity is the word: you need to know and use various tools in order to be able to properly explain different concepts.

  • Going digital

During this stage, you must choose the proper fonts & colors, as well as other graphics able to complete the video idea and add dynamism to the project.

  • Recording and adding the audio

Audio resources consist of voice-overs or background tracks and they are essential to enhance the video’s message.

Besides all the creativity required in every stage of the process, it is obvious that some of these steps are very technical, requiring special skills and expertise. You also need royalty free music, graphics etc., and this can cost you a lot in terms of searching time. So, the question is: are you sure that you can do all these by yourself?

Let’s see the pros and cons of a DIY video project.


  • You can save money by doing everything yourself
  • You can test your skills and marketing approach
  • You can always re-use the animations


  • The creation of a professional video always requires a lot of time and effort
  • You need great communication skills and creativity in order to be able to visually explain your business to the public and transmit the right message
  • You need technical knowledge to use the necessary tools for video making

Now, let’s have a look at are the pros and cons of hiring a Denver video production company.


  • All you need is the idea. You don’t need to worry about the technical part or about being able to transmit the right message; video professionals have the creativity, the expertise and the right equipment to do the job for you
  • Your video will be created from scratch to finish and you will also receive advice and solutions that you haven’t thought about. This may bring a new and unexpectedly good perspective to your project.


  • There will be more expenses involved than in the case of a DIY project, so make sure to check your budget and be realistic about how much you can spend.
  • You will have less control, at least when it comes to the technical stages of the project.

As you can see, the DIY approach can be a good option only if you have the right skills, tools and experience in this line of work. While hiring a professional company may be more expensive, it is certainly the best solution that will guarantee a quality end product.