The Pros And The Cons Of Hiring Live Wedding Bands

Live bands can be great partners for wedding entertainment. Whether we are talking about receptions or parties, these events cannot be successful without adequate music.

Professional musicians like a Denver string quartet, who play live can deliver fantastic performances that will enhance the overall quality of the event, providing the wow-effect and making it unforgettable for everyone. You can find many types of live musicians and bands, for all kind or parties, with great repertories able to satisfy various musical tastes. And music is not the only thing; live musicians also entertain the guest better than anything else, adding a particular dynamic to your event. With a good band, you can relax knowing that everything goes just perfect, the dance floor is busy and everyone is having a great time.

The benefits of hiring live wedding bands

  • You can find live musicians that will play any music that you want. Of course, not all of them are equally flexible, but there are so many live bands out there that it is almost impossible not to find one able to match your preferences
  • Your wedding party will be interactive, your guests will feel that they are indeed a part of the celebration; professional musicians are experienced with all kind of audiences and know to “read” the guests` mood and play accordingly, providing an overall great musical experience including singing, listening, dancing and enjoying the atmosphere
  • Live musicians can follow you anywhere you want them to perform: in restaurants and other facilities, as well as in nature; all these details are discussed and agreed on by signing a contract before the celebration goes unbound
  • Live bands will deliver exciting and clear performances, playing their versions of the original songs. This means that they can also customize some of the songs to fit the occasion and the particularities of certain moments o
  • Live bands can make themselves affordable for different budgets. Hiring live music is more expensive than hiring a DJ, but it is still pretty much affordable, considering that there are many musicians out there, ready to negotiate and make you offers able to meet your budget.

The disadvantages of hiring live wedding bands

  • Some live bands, especially if they are renowned, offer a particular stage presence, command attention, and the guests will rather watch them and sing with them than dance on the music. But this is not a rule and it rather depends on circumstantial factors
  • Typically the contract signed by live bands includes playing a number of songs that fill only a part of the time for which they are hired. The rest of the time is for breaks that must be filled with background music
  • Live bands have limited options to control the volume of their music. It can be done, but not as easy and efficiently as in the case of a DJ, so the music volume level may constitute a concern
  • Live bands have limited repertoires compared with DJs, who can play hundreds of  songs


Consider the above advantages and disadvantages before deciding on live wedding music.