Should I Change to LED Lighting for My Business Sign?

LED signs Denver

LED signage, whether large or small, whether used indoors or outdoors, in the form of illumination added to more conventional signs or in the form of LED displays, has been among the most popular signage options for quite some time now. Using LEDs to attract the attention of customers, to convey messages and to inform is a great decision that will help you achieve your business goals, while saving you time and money as well. Here are the benefits offered by this modern signage solution and some good reasons to start replacing your existing signs with solutions that use LEDs.


Painted and printed signage solutions are varied and efficient, but none of them offers the versatility that you can enjoy with LED signage. LED displays can be used equally efficiently indoors and in outdoor spaces, they can be used for displaying slideshows of any length and any of the images displayed can be replaced with a few clicks. You can also use LEDs to illuminate your channel lettering and your other signs, making more conventional solutions look sleek and modern.

Extraordinary Durability and Energy Efficiency

LED signs are getting cheaper as the manufacturing technologies are advancing, but they are not the cheapest signage solutions yet. However, LED signs come with the highest durability of all signage options, allowing you to use your displays for up to 50,000 hours without having to worry that your signs will fade or become dim. LED signage solutions are also very economical in terms of energy requirements, both features helping you reduce your overhead expenses and enabling you to make considerable savings over time.

Low Maintenance Solutions

LED signs need to be installed by LED signs Denver installation professionals, but they do not need any special maintenance, other than occasional dusting and cleaning. LEDs generate very little heat, much less than other solutions used for creating illuminated signage, such as fluorescent or neon lights and they don’t generate any hazardous gases either. These qualities, combined with the high durability and the high resistance to the elements offered by LEDs, make these signs a resistance solution for outdoor usage even in harsh climate regions.

Attractive Appearance for Maximum Marketing Impact

Whether you use LEDs for illuminating your business signs or in the form of LED displays on which you run your advertising and informative content, LED signs are the best for attracting attention. LED displays are especially efficient – you can use them for creating attractive and entertaining slideshows, for rotating images at predefined intervals in any setting, in your shop and outside of it as well.

LED signs also have a modern, sleek vibe that can appeal to your audience in ways that more traditional signs cannot and they can be used to speak to any audience, to any age group.

An Environmentally Safe Solution

LED signs are also ecological – if you switch to this modern signage type, you can efficiently contribute to protecting the planet and you can also use your sign to communicate your environment-conscious audience that your brand is environment-conscious, too.