Trends in Promotional Tent Designs

Promotional tents are great for making your presence at trade fairs, expos or other types of corporate or personal events more visible and more attractive as well. Here are some design trends that might give you inspiration for your new tent:

  • Vintage designs – using vintage lettering and the colors associated to old wood or stone, such as brown and beige is very trendy today. If the current form of your corporate logo features modern design that does not match vintage elements, modify the colors and the shapes in your logo a bit to match the special setting;
  • Using a plain white tent – a white tent that does not feature any decoration in itself is excellent for giving you versatility and for allowing you to create the best design for any event without any extra costs. Choosing a tent the walls of which are not printed or decorated in any other way is an excellent way to customize each appearance of your company at trade fairs or other events;
  • Trendy tent types – Bedouin-type, free-form tents, A-shaped tents and canopy-type tents are among the most popular types today. A-shape units are appreciated for easy installation, the clear-span design that allows for lots of unobstructed space inside; Bedouin tents are suitable for creating unusual interior spaces, while canopy tents are preferred for their simplicity and portability.
  • Wall types – tent walls made from transparent materials are just as trendy as white-walled tents or tents that use colored walls;
  • Layout – cuboidal layouts are certainly the easiest to use and to furnish, but unusual shapes, such as oval, round or irregularly shaped tents can attract more attention for sure;

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  • Using lights – design elements that drive an impact when it is dark outside, in the evenings, when it gets dark outside, using illuminated decorations in and on your promotional tent is also a great, trendy way to attract attention. Simple LED strings are attractive, but you can further increase the impact of your light with a neon logo or other illuminated design elements to convey your message. Wedding tents for sale often showcase fairy lights and floral arrangements to add warmth and beauty to the event.

Comfort Features to Make Your Tent More Trendy

Using a consistent design inside and outside your tent is a great and trendy way to make your branding efforts more successful. Using furniture, such as chairs, tables and promotional desks, that also feature your brand logo and use the colors of your logo is also a trendy way to create a consistent image that inspires trust. To further enhance uniform design, you can also use a tent package that includes not only the tent itself, but feather signs, other types of printed flags, custom table covers and umbrellas, maybe even inflatable elements, such as large, air-filled replicas of your signature products or of your logo, as well.

If you use a large tent at the event and the weather is hot, use a mobile air conditioner to attract more visitors – offering a cool, refreshing environment will surely make your tent more attractive in summer and you can offer your visitors thermal comfort in winter, too, with a suitable heater.